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LifeCell 30000mg高端羊胎素 (每罐30粒胶囊)
【LifeCell 30,00 0mgsheep placenta】

1 bottle = RM 288
2 bottles = RM 498
3 Bottles = RM 698

LifeCell Placenta contains 30000mg placenta extract and 200mggrape seed oil.
✅ Authorised dealer in Malaysia. 马来西亚的代理商
✅ 100% genuine,100%正货
✅ Imported from NZ, medical grade, certified 100% safe to consume. 纽西兰井口,医学等
级,100% 安全食用。

We are the authorised dealer in Malaysia. All products are 100% genuine, imported from
Placenta was established in Malaysia in 2011. To-date, total sales has far exceeded 100,000
bottles! Sheep placenta is an active
substance extracted from the sheep, it is a kind of peptide protein substance or living cell
substance. It is rich in various amino
acids, nuclei acid, peptides, vitamins, microelements and minerals. .

素,微量元素和矿物质。LifeCell 5-star high-end Sheep Placenta : contains 30,000mg
sheep placenta + grape seed extract ➕
Imported from New Zealand, Possesses HACCP, GMP, ISO quality certification, 100% safe
to consume. Distinct Effects include:
✅ Treat Endocrine disorders
✅ Relief Menopausal symptoms(irregular menstruation, insomnia, hot flashes, night
sweats, fatigue, hot tempered)
✅ Promote cell regeneration & multiplication – Anti-aging, whitening, improves skin
elasticity and brightness, lessening pigments
and wrinkles, and help to restore youthful radiance!
✅ Enhance the body's immunity, promote tissue cells division, strengthen the skin's ability to
✅ Regulate the central nervous system, soothe the nerves, improve memory It ONLY takes
30 days to be effective! LifeCell Sheep Placenta 5星高端羊胎素: 高含 30000mg 羊胎素精
华+葡萄籽精华 ➕ 纽西兰 New Zealand 进口 具备HACCP,GMP,ISO 安全优良标准,
✅ 解决内分泌失调
✅ 解决更年期问题(失眠、情绪、疲劳、月经不调)

✅ 促进细胞再生与分裂 – 抗衰老和改善皮肤弹性、光泽,淡斑美白、祛纹抗皱,帮助
✅ 增强免疫系统、活化人体器官功能、促进新陈代谢。
✅ 调节中枢神经系统,改善记忆力。 服用30天即可见效!


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